22 May

May 22, 2009 at 01:08 pm

Well Hey there Deadwood Fans!

My Name is Katie and I’m the Deadwood Chamber summer intern (formally known as “Katie the Intern”) and I will be your new blogger until August when I have to run back to the University of South Dakota, so here we go!!!
This weekend is the kick off for summer here in Deadwood; we have the Deadwood Alive gunfights beginning TODAY on Historic Main Street, as well as the first Trial of Jack McCall and the reenactment of the murder of Wild Bill.
All will be happening daily (except Mondays) for the rest of the summer.

You can catch the gunslingers at 2pm in front of the Four Aces, 4pm in front of The Celebrity Hotel, and at 6pm in front of the Silverado.
Also the Trial of Jack McCall is held at the Masonic Temple every night (again, except Mondays) at 8pm
And the murder of Wild Bill Hickok will take place in Saloon #10 at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm.

Also…The Broken Book Gold Mine Opens TOMORROW (May 23) so get out there and see how Deadwood got her start with a mine tour and try your hand at gold panning- you might just finding a nugget of shiny stuff for yourself! They’re open daily from 9-5…fun for all ages!
For more information on any Deadwood attractions, give us a call at the chamber at 1-800-999-1876 or (605) 578-1876

And you know the Beer’s cold year round in Deadwood, so nothing’s changed there!

Come out and spend a summer night or two…or three with us in Deadwood!
Over and Out,
-Katie the Intern

22 May

May 22, 2009 at 09:12 am

The BBQ cook-off scheduled for Wild Bill Days has been postponed … we aresorry to report; thanks to everyone for their support of the event … and stay tuned for a re-schedule date … BUT WILD BILL DAYS IS going to be one of the best every — great FREE concerts, cowboy fast draw championships and a Firearms and Old West auction and show – RICOCHET and GLEN CAMPBELL and a host of other great entertainment will set the stage on Main Street – MAKE PLANS NOW (if you haven’t already!).

22 May

May 22, 2009 at 08:55 am

Happy Friday! And happy long weekend! Hope you all can take some time to relax.
Just want to let the world know that we are giving away night stays and some other Deadwood gear via Facebook… if you are on Facebook (or if you know someone who is), become a fan of HISTORIC DEADWOOD and win!
We are also on Twitter — DeadwoodChamber. Usually a good tidbit here or there on the ol’ Tweeting tool.
Man, we surely live in an Internet world, eh?
Oh, and if you are looking for a place to spend Memorial Day weekend, come on out to Deadwood. Shootouts and the trial of Jack McCall start today, and most Black Hills attractions will be OPEN!
Hope to see you soon!

04 May

May 04, 2009 at 08:16 am

While it’s plenty safe to walk the streets of Deadwood these days, some 120 years ago things weren’t quite the same. The lawless region of the Black Hills made legends out of average men and women, and those who took the bull by the horns became prosperous. Those who sat back and waited for life to pass by were left in the dust — and sometimes 6 feet in the dirt.
Now, the same legendary streets are walked upon by thousands upon thousands of visitors each year. Shoot-outs on the street are a little more planned now, however!
Gunfights on Deadwood’s Main Street begin May 22 for the summer. Shoot-outs will take place daily (except for Mondays). Wild Bill and his gang will be on Main Street beginning at 12:45 p.m.; and while he may shoot you a hardlook as you walk by, feel free to approach them and ask questions about the Old West. And one of the most infamous shootings in Deadwood – Jack McCall shooting Wild Bill at the Saloon #10 – will be re-enacted for all to see inside the #10 during the summer days. The subsequent trial of Jack McCall will be held each evening, aside from Monday, at the Masonic Temple.
It’s a summer-long event – be a part of it: Just don’t sit with you back to the door!

30 Apr

Apr 30, 2009 at 08:33 am

I can’t think of a better way to kick off your summer – Wild Bill Hickok Days, June 19-21!
What, with the Cowboy Fast Draw Championships, Wild West re-enactors, an Old West auction, world championship BBQ and two days of free concerts featuring country legends Ricochet and the legendary Glen Campbell this year’s Wild Bill Hickok Days is going to be one of the best: Here’s some more info… MAKE PLANS NOW! Rooms will fill fast!
“There is literally something for everyone at this year’s Wild Bill Hickok Days. We’ll have the top BBQ chefs, the top gunslingers and top performers converging on Historic Deadwood, and we couldn’t be more excited,” said Sarah Anderson, Deadwood Chamber of Commerce event coordinator.
Wild Bill Hickok Days celebrates the life and death of Deadwood’s most famous character with entertainment even Wild Bill himself would enjoy. The event begins on Friday, June 19, at 11 a.m. with the annual March of Dimes and First Gold Celebrity Shoot Out fundraiser at Ferguson Field, which is across from the First Gold Hotel complex.
Also on Friday, taste buds will be tantalized at Ferguson Field as the first annual Kansas City BBQ Society Cook-off begins. This event will feature some of the best BBQ masters in the area and from around the country as they compete for great deal of prize money and bragging rights. The Cook-off takes place Friday through Sunday.
Later in the evening on Friday, bring your dancing shoes and enjoy the first of two nights of free concerts featuring Brock Finn, Moulten Jess and country music sensation Ricochet as they perform on Deadwood’s Historic Main Street. Ricochet’s hits include “Blink Of An Eye,” “What Do I Know,” “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” and many more.
Saturday will feature the Cowboy Fast Draw Championships at Ferguson Field beginning at 9 a.m. This event features literally the fastest and most accurate gun slingers on earth today.
The Kansas City BBQ event will continue at Ferguson Field and the Firearms and Old West Auction preview and show will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Deadwood Pavilion.
And to keep the celebration in high gear on Saturday night — and to help celebrate Deadwood’s 20th anniversary of gaming — the first major performer to play a free show on Main Street will be returning. Glen Campbell will return to Deadwood to headline this year’s Wild Bill Days celebration.
This multi-Grammy winning artist will perform all of his hits including “Southern Nights,” “Galveston,” “True Grit” and “Rhinestone Cowboy,” to name just a small sampling of Campbell’s hits. Brock Finn and Jonathan Singleton and the Groove will open Saturday night’s show, which begins at 5 p.m.
On Sunday, the finals of the Cowboy Fast Draw Championships and the Kansas City BBQ Cook-off will take place at Ferguson Field, and the Firearms and Old West Auction will take place at the Deadwood Pavilion beginning at 10 a.m.
“We are extremely excited to kick off summer with so many great events planned for Wild Bill Days,” Anderson said. “We are celebrating Deadwood’s most famous character in a way we all feel he would approve – with a great big party.”

27 Apr

Apr 27, 2009 at 10:38 am

Yes, the weekend brought some snow to Deadwood – but I’m hoping it’ll be the last! There are just too many great things happening in the area to let a little snow disrupt any plans! If you happened to be driving around Deadwood in the snow-rain mixture on Sunday morning, you may have seen me as I took the time before the major snowfall of the day to get a bike ride in. Probably not the best idea I thought to myself, but not until I made it DOWN the hill from my house to the Mickelson Trail. The going down part is always the easiest, but halfway down, I realized the mistake I could be making. Snow was coming down harder, and the slush on the road was a real headache. Not only was it slippery as all get out, it was also splasing from tires and onto my face as I trekked down the trail. Then, after reaching the trail, the snow had accumulated some 4 inches, and it was heavy stuff, so it was like biking through sand. I made a detour and took the sidewalk route, and finally made it to Main Street — soaking wet, mud from head to toe, and awfully tired from the ride down…
Then, I had to get back home… but that’s another story all together.
But, hey, it’s sunny today and the weather will shape up in no time. Trust me!
Until next week,

23 Apr

Apr 23, 2009 at 08:54 am

A couple tidbits of good news in Deadwood — the portion of the Mickelson Trail that runs through Deadwood is ridable! Not that that makes snowmobilers very happy, but the snow is 99 percent off the trail. I took my first ride yesterday and it was a good one. The water rushing down the stream is mesmorizing (all those feet of snow have to go somewhere). Temperatures are in the upper 70s/lower 80s this week, and even though temps are going to drop to the mid 40s and 50s this weekend, the stage is set for a true spring. It’s definitely a great time to be in Deadwood and the northern Black Hills!
And the other Fat Tire. The beer, by New Belgium brewery in Colorado, has fans across the country but the distribution of it isn’t all that far-reaching. But news (which I figured to be a rumor, but was verified by a popular pub owner here in Deadwood) … the popular beer will soon be distributed in Deadwood. Not big news to some, but definitely a talk of the town with brew fans.
So whether your fancy is fat tires on the trail or Fat Tire on the bar, we got it.
Until next time,

16 Apr

Apr 16, 2009 at 09:55 am

Tickets for one of the best musical events in South Dakota are on sale now at www.deadwoodjam.com. An early-bird discount applies, so buy your ticket today! Prices for Friday, Sept. 11 are $22. Saturday, Sept. 12 tickets are $32; a ticket valid for both days is $42. Keep checking back to www.deadwoodjam.com as the line-up will be announced soon.

14 Apr

Apr 14, 2009 at 11:00 am

While I hate to say it (in fear of repercussions, i.e. another blast of winter), it honestly looks like spring for about the third time in 2009. While there’s still snow on the ground and at higher elevations (the ski resorts just closed this past weekend), temps in the mid-60s and a warm forecast have Deadwood folks shedding their winter attire and making room for some SUN and warmth.
While I’m sure we’ll have another blast of Arctic weather before the spring really kicks into high gear, it’s nice that some of the drifts are melting enough so that my dogs are actually once again fenced in. With all the snow, the 5-foot fence containing my yard had snow well over the top, making an escape fairly easy for my two kids. But now, there’s actually a chance I can put them in the yard without fear of them running to Deadwood’s Main Street!
So we have warmth (and the golfers, myself included) are itching to get on the course; my bike is tuned up and ready for the Mickelson Trail, and my fishing rods are (nearly) ready for longer days of sunlight and more options for activities. Sure, shoveling is an activity, but I think I’ve done enough of that this year…
Speaking of activities, Deadwood will be hopping again this summer, with something for everyone. We are here to help you plan a trip! Give us a call at 1-800-999-1876 or check out www.deadwood.com if you need more info. Make plans now — the summers always seem to go by way too fast…
Until next week,

06 Apr

Apr 06, 2009 at 09:34 am

Hey, it’s a Monday without 2 new feet of snow outside … woo-hoo! Because I’m a little bit tired of seeing it, talking about it, writing about it and driving around in it.
Yes, the snow was the topic of most conversations and newscasts over the past couple weeks. While I have grown weary of the snow, the weeks have re-emphasized the wonders of living in Deadwood and the northern Black Hills. Let me explain – when watching satellite television without local channels, in my case it’s watching news from New York City on ABC and CBS affiliates, I become very intrigued. It’s not that I intentionally watch local news from another market, but one day I stopped on an out-of-market channel newscast, more out of curiosity than anything else.
The newscast started out with news of a shooting. Then there was a burglary and a murder. Then there was a beating. And another murder. There were so many violent crimes that the on-air anchors had very little time to spend on each story. It became so depressing that I didn’t even make it to sports. They did, however, break from one murder story to go into the weather.
As I watched the depressing evening news, it really made me feel better about living in Deadwood and the Black Hills. We’ve complained about the weather the last couple weeks, and our newscasts focused on the weather, but there were no breaking news stories concerning a violent outbreak. Had there been a shooting in South Dakota, the news would have concentrated almost solely on that story. But we were on the weather and weather-related issues.
So, yes, we complain about the weather. But it really isn’t that bad. I’ll take a couple feet of snow over worrying about walking down a street in the dark anytime.

Until next time,