Hello Deadwood fans! It has been a while since the last time I blogged. The reason is not that Deadwood has nothing exciting going on, but it is quite the opposite with too much going on. Here in Deadwood we are ironing out the details for our summer events and gearing up for all of you great people that come with the warm weather. Through out the summer I will give out the nitty-gritty on the events and the happenings here in Historic Deadwood.

I am now going to turn the wheel of information to a new subject. There is a new Hotel, Casino, and Convention Center being built here in Historic Deadwood. Speaking of Historic this new business is going to be housed in a 1906 Homestake Mining plant, but I think it is time for me to reveal the name of this new establishment. Deadwood Mountain Grand is located at 1906 Deadwood Mountain Drive. It is under heavy construction, but is moving very fast to bring Deadwood a new Convention Center and Casino in July. Opening in July as well will be The Aught Six Grille. This restaurant will offer a fine dining experience for Deadwood and its visitors. The Aught Six Grille will be accessorized with a dining patio viewing the Historic Deadwood and it is placed above the Whitewood Creek so you get a different dining experience. For what I see every time I pass the construction there is always something new and they are moving at phenomenal speed. The hotel part of Deadwood Mountain Grand will be open in the fall of this year. The hotel will have 98 contemporary rooms over looking Historic Deadwood.

One fun fact about Deadwood Mountain Grand is one of the partners is Big Kenny Alphin. Many of you might know him as Big from “Big & Rich.” I think it is time from me to put a conclusion on this blog. If you are still wanting more information on Historic Deadwood’s newest addition check out Deadwood Mountain Grand’s website which is www.deadwoodmountaingrand.com.

Hope everyone is planning a summer trip to Historic Deadwood! Have a Grand day!