November 2008

25 Nov

Nov 25, 2008 at 05:02 pm

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We wish you the best this holiday season!
Things in Deadwood are starting to bustle with holiday activity, and the snow is helping to bring in the holiday spirit.
While temperatures remain warm during the day (40s and 50s), snow remains on the ground and ready for winter activities.
Both Terry Peak and Mystic Miner at Deer Mountain will be open for business by week’s end. Skiiers and snowboarders have been moving in and out of Edge Sports to get their equipment prepped for the new year. Edge Sports also rents equipment, so if you’re planning a trip out here and can’t find room for your own equipment, they got you covered.
Also, if your holiday plans include a trip to Deadwood, we have a gift for you – FREE PARKING! On all metered lots, don’t worry about putting your change in the meter. From Thanksgiving through Christmas Day, there will be no charge at any of these meters.
And if you haven’t yet decided on what to do for your Christmas tree this year, why not make it a Griswold-ish event and cut down your own? Here at the Deadwood Chamber office, we have permits available that allow you to go into the Black Hills National Forest and cut down your own tree! I’m going to take advantage of it this year, and I invite you all to do the same – even if you have to make a trip to Deadwood and bring it home… after all, room rates are as low as $39 in town this winter… just bring some rope to tie the tree to the top of the family truckster.
Hope to see you all soon, and enjoy Thanksgiving!

17 Nov

Nov 17, 2008 at 02:39 pm

Snow has been the word in Deadwood the past couple of weeks — but not because it’s something we aren’t used to — more so because of the amount of snow, and the timing. Early November has, in the past, brought some heavy snow to the area, but it’s always somewhat of a shock. In October, fall gets into swing, nights get cooler, leaves change; then November, weather gets a bit cooler as Mother Nature sets us up for winter. But sometimes, BOOM, winter is thrown upon us.
But anyway, those of us living in the northern Black Hills know it snowed and our backs are finally recovering. And judging by our Webcam hits, there are thousands of others out there that know too, only they just had to click to see, not shovel! But the main story here is what we can do in the snow…
Snowmobiles have started to filter into the area … while state trails don’t open until December, tracks on private land are plentiful and the state trail folks are gearing up their grooming equipment. Ski resorts are making final preparations for the season — Mystic Miner at Deer Mountain and Terry Peak will both open around Thanksgiving.
If you’re looking for a top winter vacation destination, think Deadwood. Rooms in town are as low as $39 — and there are a number of packages available for ski and stay packages — as well as some for snowmobiling, including rental.
Gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in a while, snowy conditions look to stay and there are some great meal and gaming promotions going on throughout town — we’re ready for you!
See you soon.

10 Nov

Nov 10, 2008 at 11:04 am

Well, last week I wrote of having a feeling we’d be in for a good, snowy winter. And, well, if last week was any indication, we will be in for snowy winter…

Deadwood was smacked with a snowstorm that dropped up to 50 inches in some areas. That’s not a misprint … 50 inches! The town came to a standstill for one day before the crews came out in force to clear paths around town. By Friday, most major arteries in town were opened up, and businesses on Main Street were open. And by Saturday, roads were open, businesses were open, and people from around the area were ready to hit the town. Saturday night was a busy one on the streets of Deadwood as the shops, bars and casinos were bustling.

While some 4 feet of snow did fall last week, temperatures are looking pretty decent this week and some of the snow may melt (SOME), but the ski resorts will have a pretty solid base of snow to start from this year. Both Terry Peak and Mystic Miner at Deer Mountain are slated to open around Thanksgiving.

There has also been a good amount of snowmobile activity over the past couple days. State trails begin being maintained in December, but people are taking advantage of this early-season snow to bust some drifts – and there are some HUGE ones.

So start making plans now! It’s going to be a great winter in Deadwood and the Northern Hills.

Until next time,

04 Nov

Nov 04, 2008 at 02:28 pm

So who’s it going to be? While lines are forming across the nation, with voters patiently waiting to cast their ballots, the scene in Deadwood is not much different. Some local politicians are ready to host celebrations (they hope in victory) this evening at a number of places on Deadwood’s Main Street. It’ll be no Wild Bill Days, but there’s sure to be some excitement in the air.

With the passing of the annual Deadweird and the upcoming holiday season, we here in Deadwood are gearing up for winter recreation. We have our fingers crossed in hopes of a good snow year, and indications are that it will be a snow-filled season. Granted, these “indications” are my personal ones, but I can feel it in the air. And I’m looking to buy a ski pass for the season, so one can only be positive.

I also drove by a state-owned area last week, and saw a line of snow equipment used to groom the snowmobile trails throughout the Black Hills. They were nice and shiny, and ready to go to work. The Black Hills are home to some of the best snowmobile trails in the nation — miles and miles of ’em. So with that snow comes a mountain of recreational opportunities throughout the Hills, but none more so than right here in Deadwood. We are putting together some great packages for all winter recreation, so keep an eye out for those.

Deadwood doesn’t close in the winter. Do you know that we actually get calls in our office about that? We also get calls asking what time we close. Well, folks, we are as open as ever in the winter, and we never close. I’ll leave it at that!

Until next week,