Holy Crap ladies and gentleman, where has the summer gone!!

I can’t believe another edition of the Days of ’76 has already come and gone. The event in 86th year was better than ever this year. I really love the event because when something’s been around for 86 years all your old friends want to come back because they remember the event when they were kids. It’s always good to see old friends, watch a couple terrific parades and one of the best rodeos in the nation. I want to say good job to the entire Days of ’76 Committee and all the volunteers who made the event happen.

Now it’s time to bring on the bikers! The noise, the leather, the people, the boobs. It’s all a part of the Sturgis Rally and Races and Deadwood is right in the heart of the action. Being only 12 miles away from Sturgis and having a reputation as a party town, we get to enjoy the sights and sounds for about 10 straight days. I spoke last year how the people complaining about the crowds or the noise should just sit back and enjoy your fellow residents making a darn good living off our very special guests. I for one, working for a chamber of commerce appreciate every single biker. You are always welcome in Deadwood.

I’ll be sitting on the Veranda enjoying the crowds many nights next week. Hope to see you all there.

Until next time. Keep your boots clean.