Hello again everyone. It’s the beginning of June and that means we here in Deadwood stuff absolutely everything possible into the next three and a half months of summer.

If it ever stops raining, (I’m turning into my father, constantly bitching about the weather) Wild Bill Hickok Days will kick off the summer June 13-15. I really enjoy this event because number one, people are ready to be outside and enjoy Deadwood for what it is….a party town. And number two; I get to see all my old friends back in town for the summer.

It’s Wild West. We host the Cowboy Fast Draw Championships with literally the fastest guns in the world competing for thousands of dollars in prize money. It can be a little weird. We host the first annual “Hippity Hop Horse Races” in which people ride air filled horses down Main Street to raise money for Relay for Life.

But it really is fun for the whole family. (Was it the Slinky that was fun for the whole family? Or was the Slinky fun for a girl and a boy?) Sorry, getting off subject a bit. We are also hosting the first annual Deadwood Fiddler Competition and host a free street dance on Friday night featuring the band Groove Daddy.

Saturday and Sunday we’ll have free concerts with some really cool music. We’ve got local favorite Brock Finn who plays everything from Johnny Cash to Elvis. He always asks me what song I want to hear and then plays something else……it’s hilarious (to Brock!). We have a great new country band called the Drew Davis Band and an old favorite to the area, Dustin Evans and Good Times.

Our headliners this year couldn’t be further apart musically but literally appeal to people of all ages. Saturday night we have the great Tommy Tutone. I don’t know a single person I’ve ever met who hasn’t heard and doesn’t love “867-5309 Jenny”. Can’t wait to hear a few thousand people singing “Jenny, Jenny, who do I turn to!” Should be a great night.

Sunday we have one of country music’s most popular bands, Lonestar hitting the stage at 2:30pm to help us celebrate Father’s Day. They’ll play all the hits including “I Pray”, “Amazed”, “Front Porch Looking In”, “Tequila Talking” and “No News” just to name a few.

So there you have it. The first big event of the year is just around the corner. If you get a chance, come on up and say hi during our annual Wild Bill Hickok Days, June 13-15 in historic Deadwood.

Until next time. Keep your boots clean…..and I’ll be watching the weather channel, chasing the neighbor kids off my lawn.