Well I had to open my big mouth. “It was 75 in Deadwood yesterday,” “I’m thinking about all the great things to do in Deadwood during the summer”. Why on earth do I jinx myself each and every year?

Of course just a short period of time after I wrote my last post, we received four feet of snow in Deadwood. You heard me right. Four feet of snow!!! Do I sound angry? Can you tell by my tone that I’ve had it with winter? You are correct. I’ve had it with the snow. I KNOW we need the moisture, but in my 41 years I’ve never, ever shoveled rain.

My arms hurt, I think I pulled a butt muscle and I have a headache. And that’s just from drinking beer and watching TV the whole time. Not to mention the pain from shoveling four feet of heavy wet snow. Now that I’ve vented a bit, I feel a little better. Everyone knows that’s what you get when you live in the Black Hills.

I’ve heard so many good snowstorm stories over the years it’s just very funny how everyone gets by. One good story dates back quite a few years. Over 20 to be sure. This was an early season storm, probably November. Three “old timers” from Lead (just three miles up the road) were out deer hunting and got caught in the snow. Back in the day, the “old timers” usually had plenty to drink when they were out hunting. (I know, not the epitome of safety, but hey, they’re “old timers”) At any rate, they got their truck stuck in a good sized drift. They decided to walk for help and within an hour they were picked up by a group of hunters who took them into town safe and sound.

Two days later when the snow subsided, the “old timers” decided they should probably head out and retrieve their truck. The only problem was they were so inebriated when they were picked up, they didn’t quite remember where their truck was stuck. To make a long story short, they searched for their truck for over a month when a Forest Service employee finally came across the truck, ran the plates and gave them a call.

In the mean time, a couple of squirrels decided to make the truck thier home and the inside of the truck was completely full of pine cones.

I love that story and it comes with a good moral. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t hunt and drink. And be very wary of squirrels.

It’s 65 degrees in Deadwood today. The snow is melting and things are looking up.

Until next time. Keep your boots clean.