Hello again everyone. Just wanted to give everyone an update on what’s happening in Deadwood.

It was 75 degrees and I’ve never NOT wanted to work more than I did yesterday. All it did was remind me of how much fun this area is during the summer months.

If you folks reading this aren’t from around here, there are several things us “locals” do during the summer months. Some of the great things about living in Deadwood in the summer include:

Sitting on the Veranda above the Franklin Hotel staring up at White Rocks. (It does not get much better than that). Especially when Kenan is bartending.

Sitting outside at the Stockade & listen to Yancey sing and insult almost everyone who walks in the door.

Sitting on top of the #10 Saloon and having a great dinner.

Or just sit outside Mustang Sally’s and watch the tourists.

I also really enjoy the strange characters, dressed in costumes that tend to show up during the summer months. There are many characters that are hired by Deadwood Alive that perform shootouts and the Trial of Jack McCall each summer, but these are folks who come to town claiming to be a descendant of Wild Bill or Calamity Jane. Apparently, our famous characters had a LOT of relatives.

I thoroughly enjoy old people with long shorts and their socks pulled all the way up, so just their knees are getting sun. I’ve never actually seen a naked old person with a “farmer’s knee tan” and don’t care if I do. I’m sure I’ll see it for myself when I’m that age.

There really is nothing better than walking the Mickelson Trail during the summer months. Any portion of the trail will offer some of the best scenery anywhere.

Taking a drive through Spearfish Canyon and having breakfast at Cheyenne Crossing. What a great location, with good food and really nice people.

There are so many great things to do in Deadwood and the Black Hills during the summer I can’t even scratch the surface, but believe me when it is 75 in April I sure get the “fever”. Too bad, we’ll still probably get another snow storm before it truly turns to summer.

When that happens, you’ll read a blog entitled “Things that p%@s me off about living in Deadwood in April”. Man, I hope I’m not writing that one next week!

Until next time, keep your boots clean.