It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to blog about what’s happening in Deadwood. What a summer! Kool Deadwood Nites was huge as usual….about 600 classic cars entered and the concerts were very well attended with probably 15,000 to 20,000 people over the two days. Not knowing anything about cars, I walked around most of the weekend basically saying “oooh pretty” over and over again. But at least I can appreciate the hard work the owners put into their vehicles.

The Deadwood Jam was a lot of fun as usual and the bands were terrific. Robert Randolph and the Family Band rocked but the star of the show in my opinion was Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band. If you get the chance to check them out please do so. Go to and see what they’re up to.

A new version of Oktoberfest took place last weekend and although I was skeptical going in, I had a blast. We had our first ever Wiener Dog Races and the first annual Beer Barrel Games. I expected about 6 to 8 dogs entered in the race and we ended up with 44. Their owners had them dressed in hot dog buns, rocket ship costumes… really was a sight to see. The best part of the races in my opinion was the fact that we didn’t have actual lanes so the dogs were just turned loose…..and we all know dogs, almost all had to take the time to smell the other’s butt. Why I find that funny, I don’t know but it cracked me up.

Check out our Deadwood Photo Gallery, which has pictures of all the events and you can even post your own favorite Deadwood photos!

The next event on the horizon is Deadweird, our city-wide costume contest. Last year we had about 300 people enter the event and the costumes are fantastic. Should be a lot of fun again this year.

Now that things are slowing down a bit, I’ll have the time to chat a bit more….so I look forward to chatting soon.
Keep your boots clean.