Hello again from historic Deadwood.

Well summer is officially here and another event is in the books. Wild Bill Hickok Days weekend was as exciting and tumultuous as the man we were celebrating. Although we had great music from Sister Hazel, Cowboy Crush and Trick Pony, (Seriously, three amazing live acts) the weather didn’t want to cooperate at all.

Friday the 15th was the nicest of all three nights and Sister Hazel didn’t disappoint. What a great band and a nice bunch of guys. Saturday came in like a lamb and went out like a tornado. Literally a tornado touched down 7 miles from Deadwood which to say the least put a damper on the festivities. We had torrential rain, hail and high winds and unfortunately had to cancel our Saturday headliner Kory & the Fireflies.

Sunday was a bit of the same but not as severe. The weather was chilly and rain forced us to cancel all three warm up acts. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the fans that stuck it out to hear Cowboy Crush and Trick Pony. If any of you are reading this, thanks for hanging in there. Personally, I was hiding out nearby in a warm dry place.
We were also able to strike up a friendship with the girls from Cowboy Crush. We were able to escort them through the hills so they could enjoy Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore and the rest of the Black Hills. They had a great time and we sent along a video crew to document their trip. Check out some clips below. Thanks girls for a great show and we hope to have you back soon.

The funny thing about living in the Black Hills is that summer is short so we stuff of lot of things into a short period of time. We’re gearing up for our 4th of July celebration with a parade through Deadwood and our twin city Lead as well as one of the largest fireworks displays in the state on the 4th. The fireworks are shot over the Open Cut in Lead which is one of the most spectacular places to watch a fireworks show anywhere.

The 85th annual Days of ’76 celebration are July 24th through the 29th this year. Ask any local and they’ll tell you this is one of their favorite events because most of us grew up with this event and all have stories about either being in the parade or watching the rodeo with their family. There are five days of PRCA rodeo action, two days of 3-mile long historical parades and just a general feeling of history throughout the week. When I was a kid I participated in the parade (as did most kids back then) as a sign carrier. It varied each year what sign I carried but I didn’t care. I received a silver dollar and ticket to the rodeo as well as exceptional experience in dexterity. It’s amazing how light on your feet you have to be dodging horse and cow poo for miles while waiving happily to the crowd. I think many rodeo queens can thank the Days of ’76 for where they are today, because without that experience they would never be able to keep those boots clean.

Well that’s all for now, I hope to see all of your smiling faces in Deadwood this summer. Until next time…..keep your boots clean.

Cowboy Crush Tours the Black Hills

Wild Bill Days 2007