The last two days have reminded me of my former years growing up in northern North Dakota. Uff da she’s chilly.
Luckily this is not commonplace in the Black Hills! When I woke up this morning, the thermometer was down to -20. I had forgotten thermometers actually went that low! But on the bright side, it’s sunny and rather nice looking outside — and the cold weather will make way for some fantastic snowmobiling conditions and help strengthen the ice on area lakes for the die-hard ice anglers. Yes, ice fishing — not quite the Grumpy Old Men style anymore, but still sitting on a frozen lake dangling a line through a hole in the ice. Yes, I know it sounds silly but if you haven’t tried it, you need to.
But speaking of snowmobiling, the Black Hills trail system is up and running. Today is the first day the groomers hit the trails, and they have plenty of snow to make some great trails.
You can view trail conditions by clicking here (Black Hills Snowmobile Trail Conditions). Stay warm and we’ll see you soon,