So, how many of you were up well before the crack of dawn on “Black Friday” last week?
While shopping really isn’t my thing, I certainly do admire the gumption of folks, especially in parts of the Midwest when temperatures are well below freezing, to rise that early, wait in line, and be patient enough to get what you are after, despite hundreds of other motivated shoppers doing the same thing you are.
Yes, I’m sure plenty of folks bought new televisions and a laptop or two … really makes you think how bad the economy is, eh?
Anyway, Black Friday does overshadow Thanksgiving a wee bit, although watching friends and relatives flip through the pile of ads in the Thanksgiving Day local paper and figuring out a game plan can be entertaining. At any rate, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend.
And next year, if you want a change from the hustle and bustle, or the cooking, cleaning and hosting that comes along with Turkey Day, think Deadwood. The town is always open, and there are plenty of restaurants throughout town that offer fantastic Thanksgiving dinners. And there are also some great money-making opportunities over the weekend. Instead of waiting in line to spend money, how about going into a casino first thing Friday morning and actually having money handed to you? Yep, it happened last Friday in Deadwood. The first 500 people through the door of one casino were all given cash. Another location offered a free meal on Thanksgiving, with all the fixing’s. And there were plenty of places offering hourly drawings for cash and prizes.
So if you’re looking for a change of pace next Thanksgiving, think Deadwood.
Oh yeah, and the ski resorts opened last weekend. That’s the earliest opening date for a number of years. And as I type this, there are more flurries in the air. It’s going to be a great winter.
Check out for some great winter recreation vacation packages. Or if skiing and snowmobiling isn’t quite your cup of tea, there are other packages available.
See you soon, and enjoy the holiday season.