Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We wish you the best this holiday season!
Things in Deadwood are starting to bustle with holiday activity, and the snow is helping to bring in the holiday spirit.
While temperatures remain warm during the day (40s and 50s), snow remains on the ground and ready for winter activities.
Both Terry Peak and Mystic Miner at Deer Mountain will be open for business by week’s end. Skiiers and snowboarders have been moving in and out of Edge Sports to get their equipment prepped for the new year. Edge Sports also rents equipment, so if you’re planning a trip out here and can’t find room for your own equipment, they got you covered.
Also, if your holiday plans include a trip to Deadwood, we have a gift for you – FREE PARKING! On all metered lots, don’t worry about putting your change in the meter. From Thanksgiving through Christmas Day, there will be no charge at any of these meters.
And if you haven’t yet decided on what to do for your Christmas tree this year, why not make it a Griswold-ish event and cut down your own? Here at the Deadwood Chamber office, we have permits available that allow you to go into the Black Hills National Forest and cut down your own tree! I’m going to take advantage of it this year, and I invite you all to do the same – even if you have to make a trip to Deadwood and bring it home… after all, room rates are as low as $39 in town this winter… just bring some rope to tie the tree to the top of the family truckster.
Hope to see you all soon, and enjoy Thanksgiving!