Well, last week I wrote of having a feeling we’d be in for a good, snowy winter. And, well, if last week was any indication, we will be in for snowy winter…

Deadwood was smacked with a snowstorm that dropped up to 50 inches in some areas. That’s not a misprint … 50 inches! The town came to a standstill for one day before the crews came out in force to clear paths around town. By Friday, most major arteries in town were opened up, and businesses on Main Street were open. And by Saturday, roads were open, businesses were open, and people from around the area were ready to hit the town. Saturday night was a busy one on the streets of Deadwood as the shops, bars and casinos were bustling.

While some 4 feet of snow did fall last week, temperatures are looking pretty decent this week and some of the snow may melt (SOME), but the ski resorts will have a pretty solid base of snow to start from this year. Both Terry Peak and Mystic Miner at Deer Mountain are slated to open around Thanksgiving.

There has also been a good amount of snowmobile activity over the past couple days. State trails begin being maintained in December, but people are taking advantage of this early-season snow to bust some drifts – and there are some HUGE ones.

So start making plans now! It’s going to be a great winter in Deadwood and the Northern Hills.

Until next time,