So who’s it going to be? While lines are forming across the nation, with voters patiently waiting to cast their ballots, the scene in Deadwood is not much different. Some local politicians are ready to host celebrations (they hope in victory) this evening at a number of places on Deadwood’s Main Street. It’ll be no Wild Bill Days, but there’s sure to be some excitement in the air.

With the passing of the annual Deadweird and the upcoming holiday season, we here in Deadwood are gearing up for winter recreation. We have our fingers crossed in hopes of a good snow year, and indications are that it will be a snow-filled season. Granted, these “indications” are my personal ones, but I can feel it in the air. And I’m looking to buy a ski pass for the season, so one can only be positive.

I also drove by a state-owned area last week, and saw a line of snow equipment used to groom the snowmobile trails throughout the Black Hills. They were nice and shiny, and ready to go to work. The Black Hills are home to some of the best snowmobile trails in the nation — miles and miles of ’em. So with that snow comes a mountain of recreational opportunities throughout the Hills, but none more so than right here in Deadwood. We are putting together some great packages for all winter recreation, so keep an eye out for those.

Deadwood doesn’t close in the winter. Do you know that we actually get calls in our office about that? We also get calls asking what time we close. Well, folks, we are as open as ever in the winter, and we never close. I’ll leave it at that!

Until next week,