Howdy all and welcome to Monday – it was a blast in Deadwood this past weekend, and the weather cooperated fully on Saturday! (yea, I know, it snowed yesterday and is snowing today, but it’s going to melt awfully soon!)
We had about 50 weiner dogs racing, and 6 solid beer barrel teams – and plenty of polka dancers, brat eaters, wife-carriers and even more spectators. Definitely an Oktoberfest for the books! We are now on to Deadweird, which is one of the most fun costume contests in the region. Oct. 31, Lucky Nugget, over $5,000 in cash and prizes — start planning your costume, and your trip, today.
And for you football fans out there, today is a big day for many fans in this region of the country. Minnesota vs Green Bay, Monday Night Football! Going to be a good game and I just know my Vikes can make it happen. There are some retired Vikings players in town, and they will be signing autographs tonight, also at the Lucky Nugget.
While Mondays aren’t known as the best days of the week, this one is going to be good!
Have a great week!