What a weekend in Deadwood! Thousands of people (and cars) converged on Deadwood for Kool Deadwood Nites 2009. Davy Jones of the Monkees played a great show on Friday night, and Ron Dante of the Archies played his hits to a huge crowd on Saturday night. All in all, a great weekend in Deadwood!
The big classic car winner was The big winner of the weekend was Harford, S.D.’s Josh Leisinger. Leisinger’s ’67 Camaro took home Committee Choice and Best Interior Awards, and his white Camaro will grace the 2010 Kool Deadwood Nites poster and T-shirt.

Below is a complete list of winners of the 2009 Kool Deadwood Nites car judging competition.

Kool Deadwood Nite’s Committee’s Choice:
Josh Leisinger, ’67 Camaro

Best Stock:
Joseph Harris, ’68 Ford Mustang

Best Truck:
Denton Bus, ’57 Chevy

Best General Motors:
Brandon Utesh, ’69 Yenko

Best Ford:
Cheryl & Benny Schuh, ’67 Ford Fairlane

Best Mopar:
Jim Statham, ’64 Plymouth Furry

Best Street Rod:
Ron & Terry Allen, ’36 Ford Coupe

Best Use of Color and Design:
Jim Nelson, ’55 Ford HardTop

Best Survivor:
Joe Grass, ’34 Ford Coupe

Best Motor:
Bud Nicholson, ’32 Ford Roadster

Best Interior:
Josh Leisinger, ’67 Camaro

Best Custom:
Daryl & Cathy Roach, ’55 Chevy

Chamber’s Choice:
Steve Darnell, ’28 Dodge – Rat Rod

Hard Luck Award:
Mike Gatewood, ’67 Chevy (hit a pheasant on the way to Deadwood)

Show Car Shine:
Lloyd & Deb Benton, ’57 Chevy Belair
Truck Class:
1st place: Denton Buss, ’57 Chevy
2nd: Jim Howrish, ’53 Ford
3rd: Dennis Summers, ’32 Ford

1st: Kenneth Hall, ’71 Chevy
2nd: Steve Neumiller, ’41 GMC
3rd: Merlin Larsen, ’53 Ford

1st: Gary Schonenhard, ’57 Chevy Belair
2nd: Lloyd and Deb Benton, ’57 Chevy Belair
3rd: Bill Dickenson, ’55 Belair

1st: John Wegleitner, ’57 Corvette
2nd: Dennis Sumstad, ’61 Impala SS Convertible
3rd: Rob Volk, ’67 Camaro

1st: Phil Parkinson, ’67 Chevy Camaro
2nd: Betty Schuh, ’67 Ford Fairlane
3rd: Larry Nelson, ’69 Ford Mustang

Pre-’54 and Older:
1st: Arlen Schuh, ’54 Corvette
2nd: Neil Krinke, ’36 Ford Cabriolet Convertible
3rd: Rob Selting, ’30 Model A

Muscle Car – ’64-’73 inclusive:
1st: Joseph Harris, ’68 Mustang GT500
2nd: Keith Martinson, ’72 Cuda
3rd: Phil Decker, ’66 Fairlane

1st: Josh Leisinger, ’67 Camaro
2nd: Dave Marcoe, ’65 Malibu Convertible
3rd: Rick Gaudette, ’69 Camaro

Early 49-’59 Inclusive:
1st: Daryl and Kathy Roach, ’55 Chevy
2nd: Jim Nelson, ’55 Ford Hard Top
3rd: Bob Noecher, ’49 Cadillac Convertible

Late ’60-’73 Inclusive:
1st: Warren Long, ’64 Buick Wagon
2nd: Chris Ramirez, ’61 Chevy Belair
3rd: Tom Davis, ’64 Nova Wagon

Street Rod:
1st: Ron Meis, ’37 Ford Sedan
2nd: Bob Mykleby, ’38 Chevy Sedan
3rd: Brent Janak, ’34 Chevy Master Sedan

Street Rod/Convertible Roadster
1st: Dave Hill, ’33 Ford Roadster
2nd: Dale Allen, ’40 Ford Roadster Convertible
3rd: Bud Nicholson, ’32 Ford Roadster

Street Rod – Pre ’49 (48 and Older)
1st: Ron & Terri Allen, ’36 Ford Coupe
2nd: Dan & Debbie Ament, ’39 Pontiac Coupe
3rd: Bell Bentzen, ’33 Ford Coupe