Well it’s here! The Sturgis Rally and Races is now in full swing and the roar of motorcycles is a constant for 10 straight days. This really is one of my favorite times of the year because anything goes and it’s all ok because, hey, it’s the rally!

The City of Deadwood allows bikes to park on historic Main Street from 10am to 2am each day and one of the coolest sights you’ll ever see is thousands of motorcycles lined up along the same street where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane once walked. Check out our webcam for a view of Main Street.

I’ll make my pilgramige to Sturgis later this week, just to walk the streets and people watch. Not that you can’t see everything you need right here in Deadwood, but you have to say you made the trip every year….plus it’s only 12 miles down the road.

You will see some unusual things. There are many beautiful people walking around and many who should probably look in a mirror prior to leaving the house. But it’s the unusual that makes the rally special. People don’t care what they look like and many times it’s the people who don’t care that make it the most fun. I truly didn’t know a man could wear a large walnut as the front of a thong….but apparently it’s true.

We will have a week’s rest after the rally and then it’s Kool Deadwood Nites. Another one of my favorite events. We’ll have over 600 classic cars for one of the largest car shows in the state along with two nights of free concerts right on Main Street. This year’s bands include The Association, Badfinger featuring Joey Molland and the Secret Agent Man himself, Johnny Rivers.

What makes this event so much fun is that it may be a “classic car” show but it really is for everyone. Who doesn’t love looking at beautiful classic cars while listening to some of the best music ever made. 10,000 people will line Main Street to sing along to hits like “Along Comes Mary”, “Cherish”, “Secret Agent Man”, “Sea Cruise” and so many more.
Check out our event page for an application to the car show or for more information.

Until next time, we hope to see you in Historic Deadwood.