Deadwood fans are you ready to hear something totally boss (for those that don’t know California lingo boss means cool, awesome, or sweet)? Deadwood Mountain Grand has hit another home run with their entertainment line-up.

This Thursday July 14 Stone Temple Pilots will play at Deadwood Mountain Grand at 8 pm. Stone Temple Pilots also known as STP are an American Rock band originated from San Diego, California. They’re a blend of alternative rock and hard rock of the 1970’s. While their first two albums have more of a grunge sound the most recent albums have the influence of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, and The Doors.

In 1994 the Stone Temple Pilots won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. 2010 they’re self-titled album Stone Temple Pilots had a peak chart position the number 2 spot. They will be playing chart-hitting songs like Plush, Interstate Love Song, Big Bang Baby, and Between the Lines.

Deadwood Mountain Grand has done a great job with their musical line-up for more concerts check out

Hope to see you at the STP concert!