Roulette! The game of numbers, red, black and the pesky green, is now in play in Historic Deadwood! Roulette machines are now in at least two casinos in Deadwood – Cadillac Jacks and the Silverado; the game is real, only there is no dealer. A puff of air gets the ball rolling around the wheel, and bets are as low as $1. Whether your a red or black gambler, or want to throw $100 on one number in hopes of hitting the big one, this new game in Deadwood is exciting.
Hope the summer is going well for everyone! See you in Deadwood…
Remember – Days of ’76 Rodeos and Parades July 21-25; and Kool Deadwood Nites with Davy Jones of the Monkees and Ron Dante of the Archies (FREE CONCERTS!) August 20-23, 2009.