While the calendar says June 21 as day one of the summer, most people get in that summer mode after Memorial Day. This year, however, it was hard to find your summer mentality in the Black Hills because of thunderstorm and rain shower, and temperatures below normal.

But that all changed in the last week, as the mercury climbed into the 80s and, gasp! the 90s! And my oh my things are awfully green on the hills surrounding Deadwood. It’s a bit funny, but after the winter and not-very-high temperatures of the spring turned into even the low 80s, it was all folks could do to not talk about the heat. Yep, the four seasons of Deadwood sometimes are quite drastic!

At any rate, summer is here, Deadwood is full of hustle and bustle. Wild Bill Days was a success, and now we are looking toward the Days of ’76 (July 27-31), the Legends Ride during the Sturgis Rally (August 9) and, of course, Kool Deadwood Nites (August 26-29), Deadwood’s largest event.

We hope you can make it out to join us! And if you haven’t done so already, and you are on Facebook, check us out at www.facebook.com/historicdeadwood . We’re even on Twitter, @DeadwoodSD. Keep up with all things Deadwood!

Oh, and we are still playing text message blackjack – text the word PLAY to 88188 and win some cool Deadwood stuff.

OK, back to work! Have a great week all.