Oh my, just a couple days away – it’s been a hectic month as we prepare for our official summer kick-off celebration, and preparations are now in place – now the fun starts!
I’ve been doing some research on our Saturday night headliner (which is a FREE concert by the way) Glen Campbell — he’s sold over 45 million records and has over 27 top 10 hits. Now that’s something to write home about. While I’ll admit I couldn’t name 10 out of the 27, I’ll guarantee I’ve heard them all at one point or another.
And Ricochet on Friday night, again a free one. Daddy’s Money, yep, I’ve sung along with that one a thousand times.
Come on out to Deadwood and take in the festivities – Firearms and Old West Auction and Show and the Cowboy Fast Draw Championships. Something for everyone, that’s for sure!
Call us if you want to know more – and there are still some rooms available in town — 1-800-999-1876.