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On CarsTravelFood’s blog post, Mount Rushmore is the big tourist stop mentioned for South Dakota however they didn’t forget to add in Deadwood as being on the list of “places to stop if you want to channel the real Wild West experience”.
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CarsTravelFood talks about the history of Deadwood and claims everything we are about, doesn’t just make good TV. They claim that exploring our Old Wild West Town is quite the experience and is a place where you can “channel the past”.
Historic Hotels like The Bullock, which was built in 1890 and was Deadwood’s first hotel, is talked about throughout the article. Deadwood’s first sheriff, Seth Bullock, built the hotel himself. It is said that his ghost makes lots of appearances throughout the entire hotel on daily basis. CarTravelFood however isn’t the first to captivate Seth Bullock. The popular Travel Channel show “Ghost Hunters” did a special on the Bullock Hotel recently. Guest frequently write to The Bullock, sharing their encounters they had with Seth. To see photos of The Bullock or other historical hotels in deadwood, visit
The article goes on to say that not only is the Wild West aura that Deadwood offers appealing to tourists but also the fact that famous people like Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and mentioned earlier Seth Bullock lived here one upon a time.
CarsTravelFood says that Deadwood is “still a thriving town” and that shops here are unique unlike many other city’s today. Gaming is big here in Deadwood, as it once was one of the few places where one could go to gamble. It was first legalized in Deadwood in 1989 and has thrived since according to CarsTravelFood.
Broken Boot Gold Mine is mentioned and is said to be a place where visitors can follow the path of old ore carts underground in the old shafts. Other landmarks like Chinatown and Mount Moriah Cemetery are mentioned also.
Make sure to check out the Historic Deadwood’s facebook page where you will hear about all the latest events going on in Deadwood. Follow this link