While it’s plenty safe to walk the streets of Deadwood these days, some 120 years ago things weren’t quite the same. The lawless region of the Black Hills made legends out of average men and women, and those who took the bull by the horns became prosperous. Those who sat back and waited for life to pass by were left in the dust — and sometimes 6 feet in the dirt.
Now, the same legendary streets are walked upon by thousands upon thousands of visitors each year. Shoot-outs on the street are a little more planned now, however!
Gunfights on Deadwood’s Main Street begin May 22 for the summer. Shoot-outs will take place daily (except for Mondays). Wild Bill and his gang will be on Main Street beginning at 12:45 p.m.; and while he may shoot you a hardlook as you walk by, feel free to approach them and ask questions about the Old West. And one of the most infamous shootings in Deadwood – Jack McCall shooting Wild Bill at the Saloon #10 – will be re-enacted for all to see inside the #10 during the summer days. The subsequent trial of Jack McCall will be held each evening, aside from Monday, at the Masonic Temple.
It’s a summer-long event – be a part of it: Just don’t sit with you back to the door!