Yes, the weekend brought some snow to Deadwood – but I’m hoping it’ll be the last! There are just too many great things happening in the area to let a little snow disrupt any plans! If you happened to be driving around Deadwood in the snow-rain mixture on Sunday morning, you may have seen me as I took the time before the major snowfall of the day to get a bike ride in. Probably not the best idea I thought to myself, but not until I made it DOWN the hill from my house to the Mickelson Trail. The going down part is always the easiest, but halfway down, I realized the mistake I could be making. Snow was coming down harder, and the slush on the road was a real headache. Not only was it slippery as all get out, it was also splasing from tires and onto my face as I trekked down the trail. Then, after reaching the trail, the snow had accumulated some 4 inches, and it was heavy stuff, so it was like biking through sand. I made a detour and took the sidewalk route, and finally made it to Main Street — soaking wet, mud from head to toe, and awfully tired from the ride down…
Then, I had to get back home… but that’s another story all together.
But, hey, it’s sunny today and the weather will shape up in no time. Trust me!
Until next week,