A couple tidbits of good news in Deadwood — the portion of the Mickelson Trail that runs through Deadwood is ridable! Not that that makes snowmobilers very happy, but the snow is 99 percent off the trail. I took my first ride yesterday and it was a good one. The water rushing down the stream is mesmorizing (all those feet of snow have to go somewhere). Temperatures are in the upper 70s/lower 80s this week, and even though temps are going to drop to the mid 40s and 50s this weekend, the stage is set for a true spring. It’s definitely a great time to be in Deadwood and the northern Black Hills!
And the other Fat Tire. The beer, by New Belgium brewery in Colorado, has fans across the country but the distribution of it isn’t all that far-reaching. But news (which I figured to be a rumor, but was verified by a popular pub owner here in Deadwood) … the popular beer will soon be distributed in Deadwood. Not big news to some, but definitely a talk of the town with brew fans.
So whether your fancy is fat tires on the trail or Fat Tire on the bar, we got it.
Until next time,