While I hate to say it (in fear of repercussions, i.e. another blast of winter), it honestly looks like spring for about the third time in 2009. While there’s still snow on the ground and at higher elevations (the ski resorts just closed this past weekend), temps in the mid-60s and a warm forecast have Deadwood folks shedding their winter attire and making room for some SUN and warmth.
While I’m sure we’ll have another blast of Arctic weather before the spring really kicks into high gear, it’s nice that some of the drifts are melting enough so that my dogs are actually once again fenced in. With all the snow, the 5-foot fence containing my yard had snow well over the top, making an escape fairly easy for my two kids. But now, there’s actually a chance I can put them in the yard without fear of them running to Deadwood’s Main Street!
So we have warmth (and the golfers, myself included) are itching to get on the course; my bike is tuned up and ready for the Mickelson Trail, and my fishing rods are (nearly) ready for longer days of sunlight and more options for activities. Sure, shoveling is an activity, but I think I’ve done enough of that this year…
Speaking of activities, Deadwood will be hopping again this summer, with something for everyone. We are here to help you plan a trip! Give us a call at 1-800-999-1876 or check out www.deadwood.com if you need more info. Make plans now — the summers always seem to go by way too fast…
Until next week,