Hey, it’s a Monday without 2 new feet of snow outside … woo-hoo! Because I’m a little bit tired of seeing it, talking about it, writing about it and driving around in it.
Yes, the snow was the topic of most conversations and newscasts over the past couple weeks. While I have grown weary of the snow, the weeks have re-emphasized the wonders of living in Deadwood and the northern Black Hills. Let me explain – when watching satellite television without local channels, in my case it’s watching news from New York City on ABC and CBS affiliates, I become very intrigued. It’s not that I intentionally watch local news from another market, but one day I stopped on an out-of-market channel newscast, more out of curiosity than anything else.
The newscast started out with news of a shooting. Then there was a burglary and a murder. Then there was a beating. And another murder. There were so many violent crimes that the on-air anchors had very little time to spend on each story. It became so depressing that I didn’t even make it to sports. They did, however, break from one murder story to go into the weather.
As I watched the depressing evening news, it really made me feel better about living in Deadwood and the Black Hills. We’ve complained about the weather the last couple weeks, and our newscasts focused on the weather, but there were no breaking news stories concerning a violent outbreak. Had there been a shooting in South Dakota, the news would have concentrated almost solely on that story. But we were on the weather and weather-related issues.
So, yes, we complain about the weather. But it really isn’t that bad. I’ll take a couple feet of snow over worrying about walking down a street in the dark anytime.

Until next time,