What a banner year for folks who like to play in the snow. Last week’s storm brought another 3 feet, and the storm that started this past Sunday and let-up early this morning (Tuesday) brought what will turn out to be another 3 feet — maybe more!
Yes, Deadwood has a lot of snow. But the folks clearing the snow around town have done a tremendous job, and things are back up and running again. Sure, the drifts may be a bit higher, but the roads are clear and it’s basically business as usual.
And business as usual means a longer winter season! Personally, this time of year is a good one for me — the days are longer and warmer, and while the snow is still deep, it’s only a matter of time before drifts disappear. And spring skiing? While not the favorite of hardcore snow goers, it’s certainly an extension of an already tremendous season.
Enjoy spring, and if you want to see snow, come out to Deadwood!