…hope I haven’t spoke too soon… but, YEAH, spring is here! The weather hit the 70s last week, and weather in the 50s this week – it’s downright balmy! Snow is disappearing fast, and while we do love winter activities, winter can stay during its designated months.

So, yes, the meteorologists are predicting some wintery weather today through Friday – a little more snow, but the temps are going to be nice. And it’s really no surprise that a winter storm in the spring will hit us… but we’d like to see just one!

At any rate, weather is something we can’t control – but Deadwood is really hopping this spring. Lots of great things happening, and we are planning for another first-class summer. Get on out here!

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, Blood, Sweat & Tears will play the Deadwood Jam on Sept. 17. They join Collective Soul, John Eddie, John McEuen and many others on the stage this year, the 20th anniversary of the Deadwood Jam.

Add those great bands into our others lined up – Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand and John Michael Montgomery for Wild Bill Days; and The Platters and Sha Na Na for Kool Deadwood Nites; and music interests of all types will be in for a real treat this year in Deadwood! Visit www.deadwood.org for more information.

Until next time,