Well, I can’t say we weren’t warned!
What started as rain and flurries Monday morning turned in to a spring blizzard, and although “typical” is a word being used to describe it, it’s still a weather event for the books.
By late Monday evening, my guess is 6 inches of snow had fallen in Deadwood and the northern Black Hills in South Dakota. By Tuesday morning, up to, and beyond, 3 feet had fallen. And the wind gusts of 40 mph and beyond created some true blizzard conditions. While Rapid City didn’t have quite as much snow, the city did see wind gusts of 80 mph.
As for Deadwood, this 3 feet added to the 12 or so feet of snow that had already fallen this winter and spring 2009 wasn’t too bad – mostly because the majority of the 12 original feet had melted! Now we are back to a winter wonderland – a couple more chances to run that snowmobile or catch some fresh powder at Terry Peak or Deer Mountain ski areas.
The town is still digging out and city, county and private contractors are out in force. The way these folks move snow, it’ll be business as usual tomorrow.
Back to shoveling for me!
Until next time,