Hello again everyone. Can you believe summer is just around the corner? Not that you can tell around here. March is one of those months in Deadwood where there is a blizzard at one moment and five minutes later it’s blue sky and 60 degrees.

This is the time of year where as a resident of Deadwood you really get Spring Fever. There is so much to do in the Black Hills during the summer months, you just want it to get here. I want to sit on the Veranda above the Franklin Hotel and have a beer. I want to go fly-fishing in Spearfish Canyon. I want to hit the links and I want to walk the Mickelson Trail. I actually miss the shoot-outs every day on Main Street and I miss Yancey playing music and insulting people at the Stockade.

It’s funny because as a resident you would think many of these things would get boring. It’s amazing but they don’t. Every summer I drive through Custer State Park and by Mt. Rushmore. I don’t actually stop at Mt. Rushmore but drive the needles highway and wave at the faces as I pass by. Deadwood and the Black Hills are simply one of the greatest places to live anywhere, and I enjoy all they have to offer as much as possible.

Not that I don’t enjoy shoveling snow or scraping ice off of car windows….wait, I really do hate those things. Come on summer get here already. My back is starting to hurt.

Until next time, keep your boots clean.