It was quite the weekend! And if you missed this year’s Mardi Gras event in Deadwood, you owe it to yourself to make plans NOW for 2010!!!
The Chamber crew was swamped all weekend with the events, and now we are cleaning up and finishing paperwork for the event. But here’s a re-cap, in stats, of the weekend festivities:
Number of floats entered in Saturday night’s parade: 34
Beads thrown during Saturday night’s parade of lights: More than 100,000
Beads thrown personally by ME: At least 5,000
Number of Aleve I needed due to a sore arm from throwing beads on to balconies and at upper level windows: 3
Overall prize money offered to Mardi Gras contests: Over $3,000
Estimated number of people viewing Saturday’s parade: 15,000
Temperature of Friday night’s people’s parade: 15 degrees
Cajun Cook-off locations: 9
Number of cakes entered in the first annual cake decorating contest: 12
Number of my friends that stayed in my Deadwood home for the weekend: 2
Number, of friends below, that became ill likely due to over-indulgence of aforementioned Cajun cook-off: 1
Number of Rolaids said friend wanted in the morning: 2
Number of Rolaids I gave to said friend: 8
Hours said friend had to drive home, laying down in the back seat of the car: 3.5 hours

And as for the winners of events:
Cajun Cook-Off
First place: Four Aces
Second place: Gold Dust
Third Place: Bourbon Street and Tin Lizzie.

Mardi Gras Cake Contest
In the amateur division:
Best Presentation: Jessie, Rachael and Miracle Hanna
Best Theme: TIE: Jessie, Rachael and Miracle Hanna and Tara Hanson
Originality: Jessie, Rachael and Miracle Hanna
Honorable Mention:
Presentation: Lisa Lolnewstay-Newmiller
Theme: Lisa Lolnewstay-Newmiller
Originality: Christine Broghammer
Professional Division:
Overall Winner: Victoria Schlesselman

Mardi Gras Parade:
Mayor’s Choice: Gold Dust and Four Aces
Best Overall: Saloon #10
Best Mardi Gras Theme: Deadwood Gulch
Best Lights: Lead Chamber of Commerce
Best Business Float: Tin Lizzie
Community Spirit: Deadwood Trolley

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success!
Next up, St. Patrick’s Day!